HRC 2.0: The Announcement


HRC 2.0: The Announcement

The second coming of Hillary Rodham Clinton is about to happen. But in what way should the campaign announce?

It’s not about if, but when, Hillary Rodham Clinton announces that she will be running for president again. This time around it seems that the campaign will take a different approach.

And one thing’s for sure: You can only make one first impression. So make it count!

Here are three ways in which I think, she might consider announcing her second run for president of the United States.

The Old Way

Like Mitt Romney did in 2012 in the Granite State, Hillary Rodham Clinton can announce in front of a few hundred people and give a speech. Romney chose this option to be seen as more the common man and the campaign was dead set on winning New Hampshire. Geopolitics is important during the fight for the White House. One picture I get in my head regularly is that the Clinton campaign announces outside their possible campaign headquarters in Brooklyn. It’s low key and down to earth and it fits the possible campaign theme of economic growth.

The New Way

Social media was a part of the 2008 presidential campaign. And as we saw back in 2012 with the Mitt Romney 47% video that went viral, it can make or break a campaign. If Hillary announces on social media it can’t be like the video 2008 or Jeb Bush’s average Facebook post. One element is vital. The announcement must go viral. First I thought a tweet, like Ted Cruz chose this time around, but what about an Instagram video? You will have a picture, video and a short message. It’s easy, interactive and can go viral on all platforms. Maybe even go on the Daily Show to create buzz and show the Instagram video there?

The Iowa Way

So in which direction should the campaign go? The old way or the new way? What about the Iowa way? Clinton must win Iowa, that’s a given. The state is essential to winning the nomination for a frontrunner. One of the many mistakes in 2007/8 was the late focus on Iowa, where she finished third after Obama and John Edwards. This time around it has to be different. From day one, Iowa should be the creed. The announcement in Iowa would be my first choice. Do it like Mitt Romney in 2012, but still do the Instagram video right after the speech. Hillary must have Iowa on her mind.

Written by Steiner Ottesen –  HRC 2.0 will be a monthly column about the Clinton-campaign. The main themes will be campaign strategy and analysis.

Steinar Ottesen is a political scientist, editor of and works with communication on a daily basis. Steinar has comprehensive campaign experience for the Democratic Party and have lived in the United States for almost two years (2010-2012). He has in depth knowledge about the Clintons and also wrote several essays about Bill and Hillary Clinton during his master degree from Connecticut State University. Follow Steiner on Twitter: @SteinarOttesen.



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