Welcome to The Danes for Hillary guest blog

The guest blog opened for business in March 2015.

All the entires will be written by Danish or international writers – invited to guest blog for us. All entires – as opposed to the regular blog posts on Danes for Hillary – will be written in English.

If you’re interested in writing for our blog, then please contact us at danesforhillary@gmail.com with a short outline of what you’d like to cover and a short presentation of yourself.
Our guest blog posts area 500-700 word entires with the possibility of becoming part of a series.

Writers and blog-series

Steinar Ottesen is a political scientist, editor of www.politiskenyheter.no and works with communication on a daily basis. Steinar has comprehensive campaign experience for the Democratic Party and have lived in the United States for almost two years (2010-2012). He has in depth knowledge about the Clintons and also wrote several essays about Bill and Hillary Clinton during his master degree from Connecticut State University. Follow Steiner on Twitter @SteinarOttesen. (Writer since April 2015 – latest post: Campaigner in chief).

Philip Chr. Ulrich holds an M.A. in American Studies from the University of Southern Denmark. He analyzes American foreign and defense policy for the Danish website Kongressen.com. He has previously worked as head of section at the Royal Danish Defence College, where he published several briefs on U.S. defense and foreign policy. He has also completed an internship at the Lessons Learned / Development Section at the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence. He also has his own website and Facebook page where he makes updates and comments on current events in U.S. foreign policy. Visit his website at: www.philipulrich.dk and follow him on facebook.com/philipulrich.dk or on Twitter: @pc_ulrich (Read his post latest post: Analysis: A stronger stance on Syria).

Gitte Nielsen
holds an MA in American Studies from the University of Southern Denmark. Her studies included a semester at Ohio University where she studied, among other things, Critical Race Theory. She runs her own website where she writes articles in Danish that primarily deal with racial issues in the US. On occasion she has also contributed analyses of current events on Radio24Syv and TV2 News. Previously, she was a freelance writer for Danish website Kongressen.com, and she contributed a chapter to the book “Fem år med Obama”. Visit her website at http://usaidag.com and follow her on Twitter: @gitten. (Read her lastest post: Analysis: Hillary and the moms of “Black Lives Matter“).

Ines Talla studies MSc Management, Organisations & Governance at the London School of Economics and has a BA in International Relations & Spanish from the University of Leeds. She is in charge of digital communications for Brits for Hillary, an initiative that aims to generate support for Hillary Clinton among the general British public. She is also a director of 45th for the 45th, a non-for- profit non-partisan programme, which aspires to re-engage young people with politics and political campaigning in the UK. Twitter: @InesTalla Website: inestalla.com (Read her latest post: Volunteering for Hillary in the Ohio Primary

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