Guest blog: On why I support Hillary Clinton


Many times I have been asked whether I support Hillary Clinton because she is a woman.

By Ines Talla

This question has irritated many of my feminist friends, who were also not impressed by Madeleine Albright’s statement that ‘there is a special place in hell for women who do not help each other’. After all, isn’t the whole purpose of feminism to give women the power to make their own decisions? Why should women support each other at all costs?

Maybe I am asking these questions because women of my generation have it easier today and we take our better position in society for granted. However, and as much as I want a woman in the White House, I believe it would be simply wrong to support, and vote for, a candidate only because of their gender. Recent history showed us that not every woman is fit to be in a position of influence. Not because of their gender, but because of their beliefs and their character.

I do not support Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. I support her because she is the most qualified, passionate and experienced candidate the United States has had in a long time.

I support her because she is strong and because she has exactly what it takes to lead the highest office in the land, as her impeccable record of positive achievements demonstrates.

I support her because, despite not agreeing with all her policies, I know I can trust her to make well-informed decisions on all the issues that Americans are concerned about.

I support her because she cares. She cares about American men and women and aims to find sustainable solutions for them. She does not make irrational or unrealistic promises to seduce voters. She wants to build an inclusive country, where everyone – no matter their gender, no matter where they’re from, no matter the colour of their skin, no matter the size of their purse; can live up to their full potential. She is not scared of the challenges facing her; instead she embraces them with open arms.

So no, I do not support Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. However, because she is a capable woman who deeply cares about the American people, she will certainly change the way politics is done, for the better.

If the end goal of feminism is to achieve equality between men and women, I believe there is simply no better candidate than Hillary Clinton who can work hard to achieve it.

Not because of her gender, but because she has the burning desire, and the ability, to make it happen. She is more than prepared for this mission and I hope that America, and the world, are too.

Ines Talla studies MSc Management, Organisations & Governance at the London School of Economics and has a BA in International Relations & Spanish from the University of Leeds. She is in charge of digital communications for Brits for Hillary, an initiative that aims to generate support for Hillary Clinton among the general British public. She is also a director of 45th for the 45th, a non-for- profit non-partisan programme, which aspires to re-engage young people with politics and political campaigning in the UK. 

Twitter: @InesTalla Website:

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